What You Should Know About Spiti Valley?

February 17,2020

Prestigious as 'Little Tibet' among a few, and well known as the 'cold desert mountain valley' among others, Spiti is without a doubt a heaven on earth. Be it its numerous attractions or be it the activities in Spiti Valley, this delightful pearl in Himachal has shocks for each sort of occasion that is ever been at the forefront of your thoughts.

It's a dream, dreamlike place where there is a cold desert mountain valley in the territory of Himachal Pradesh, India, situated in the upper spans of the Himalayas. For significant pieces of the year, it is secured with a day off it's not open. Supposedly, the best time to go there is from May to September. "Spiti" signifies "The center land" is among Tibet and India thus the name.

Most interesting facts about Spiti valley:-

  • The name ‘Spiti’ literally means ‘The Middle Land’. Spiti lies on the Indian border with Tibet.
  • In 1993, the govt of India achieved all restrictions for travel in Spiti, including those targeted at foreigners, thus making the place more accessible for outsiders. Foreigners, however, still need to register with the ITBP prior to their visit.
  • In Spiti, you'll find the World’s highest village named the Komic village.
  • Spiti also boasts to have the World’s highest Post Office and the World’s highest Polling Station in the village of Hikkim.
  • There may be a 500-year-old self-mummified body of a Buddhist monk named Sangha Tenzin sheltered even today in Spiti’s Gue village.
  • In spite of having the same District Administration, Spiti is strikingly different from Lahaul in terms of its terrain, history, and culture.
  • Even though the winters are harsh, it's the right time for spotting the reclusive ounce and therefore the wild Ibex of Spiti.
  • There is no network connectivity in Spiti valley. You can download the map from Google Map App.
  • Kaza is the headquarters of Spiti. It is the sole place within the entire valley that features a Fuel Station, a Cyber Cafe, and a correct mobile network. Kaza and Tabo are the sole places where you'll find an ATM. It is advisable that you simply carry enough cash from Manali or Shimla and depend upon the ATM because of the pis aller.
  • There are two routes to succeed in Kaza: One is Via Manali (201 km) & the opposite Via Shimla (450 km)

Things to do in Spiti valley:-

1:- River Rafting:
Totally ideal for experienced searchers, stream boating is one of the top activities in Spiti Valley. With cold mountains, peak religious communities, and pleasant perspectives around, the Spiti and Pin streams offer an encounter of a lifetime. You can feel the rush while relaxing in the quietness in the midst of the mountains all through the span of the game.

2:- Pin Valley National Park:-
It is located in the higher slopes of the Himalayas, this park is home to imperiled vegetation, for example, snow panthers, Siberian ibex, Himalayan snow cocks, Tibetan gazelle, snow partridges, and then some. From appreciating the magnificence of nature to untamed life spotting, there is such a great amount to do there that you would totally forget about time.

3:- Buddhist Monasteries:-
Spiti is a religious and social place for Buddhists, and that is another explanation that makes it such an acclaimed vacation destination. With such huge numbers of Buddhist religious communities set up along the valley, you could visit each or any of them to make some tranquil memories. From the design of the religious communities to the old wall paintings within, each sight would leave you astounded.

4:- Camping At Chandratal:-
Framed in sickle shape, and situated at 4,300 meters in the lap of the Himalayas, this lake is among the well-known things to see in Spiti Valley. What makes an encounter more stunning commendable there is enjoying nature by the lake with extraordinary perspectives around. In this way, you realize where to remain, at any rate for a night in Spiti.

5:- Village of Giu:-
Giu may be a small village situated between the towns of Sumdo and Tabo and may be reached via a steep 8 km hop on a road that branches from NH-22. It has a shrine with a body, which is over 500 years old and visiting this mummy is amongst the famous things to undertake in Spiti. A popular legend says that the mother is of a meditating Lama, which makes it a good more mysterious experience.

6:- Baralacha Pass:-
Aside from the Kunzum Pass, if there is much else acclaimed at this point risky, it is trekking or biking over the Baralacha Pass. Eminent as one of the risky goes on the planet, going through there is totally a pleasure in case you're courageous on a fundamental level and an accomplished experience sweetheart. Seeing the crossing point of Pir Panjal, The Great Himalayan, and the Zanskar Ranges is an encounter you couldn't imagine anything better than to include your movement journal.

Journey to Spiti valley will let you feel the real meaning of nature’s beauty and will capture thousands of beautiful memories across the trip.