The Land Of Gods – Kinnaur

June 19,2019

The Beauty Of Kinnaur is mesmerizing and that we will unravel through this blog. There are many people who are very less aware about this less crowded town that is the valley of kinnaur which is segmented into two parts that is the upper akinnaur valley and the lower Kinnaur Valley. Kinnaur is a small beautiful place that lies in the state of Himachal Pradesh in the northern part of India. It is a district area divided into three main areas, namely Pooh, Nichar, and Kalpa. It is the second least populated district of Himachal as of first is Lahaul and Spiti. Its altitude ranges from 2320 meters to 6816 meters. There is a famous Kailash mountain range, which is a sacred place for Hindus related to Lord Shiva and is also close to the Tibetan Border. The valleys are strikingly beautiful. The slopes of the mountains are covered with thick wood, beautiful orchards, and fields.

Know About The Climate Of Kinnaur:

The climate of Kinnaur enjoys a temperature which is cold in mostly in all the month. Especially from October to May, it is icy, whereas from June to September, the temperature is moderate.

In the lower areas of the region in Sutlej Valley receives high monsoon. In July, the Baspa valley gets the highest rainfall. Also, Kinnaur is the district that has the cleanest air in the country.

Flora And Fauna Of Kinnaur :

A lot of areas of Kinnaur are situated around the Himalayas. There is a wide variety of flora available in the region. The grass and vegetation here are hardy grasses. Mainly like pine, cypress, and juniper. The height of this district is approximately 5000 meters, primarily in the area of Middle Kinnaur. In the lower area of the region, many climatic trees are oak, chestnut, apricot, and apple. 

The fauna of the area is vast. There are many Yaks, sheep, and dzos, which are rared by the local farmers and shepherds. The population of ponies and black bear are easily seen.

Top Places To Visit In Kinnaur Valley:

Kalpa: It is one of the biggest and beautiful villages in Kinnaur.Lies at 250 km approximately from Shimla. The best time to visit here is at a moderate temperature. The sunrise and sunset are the most seen sites of Kalpa.

Sangla: One of the most charming places in Kinnaur The mountain slopes with green forests everywhere and snow-covered. The site has several attractions like the famous temple and forts.

Chitkul: Place with beauty around you.Nature at its best and undisturbed, clear, and blue skies.A flowing river and white snow peaks a perfect holiday spot.

Nako: It is situated 3 km above the Hangrang valley. This is the highest village. There is a lake formed out of the snow, which adds the beauty of the town. There are Yaks, ponies, horses are available here.

Chandika Devi Temple: It is situated at Kothi. This sanctuary has a different design and style figure. 

Ribba: It is the most populated village in Kinnaur. It is situated at an altitude of 3745m. The town is famous for the wide variety of Pine Nut. The ideal place for nature lovers. There are several fruit orchards and vineyards.

Kinner Kailash: There is a mythological relevance to this place. It is said to be the home of Lord Shiva, where he resides with Goddess Parvati. It is also one of the dangerous treks. Lies on the Tibetan border with a height of 17200 feet.

Bhaba Valley: There are lush green, plains, mountains, and beautiful water streams. There is a trek in a place called Kafnu.

Roghi Village: There are big and lushious apple orchards — some beautiful temples and monasteries in this village.

Suicide Point: Located at a dangerous and vertical mountain ranges are the attraction of this place. It is located around 3 km away from Kalpa village. The breathtaking mountain view gives tourists the height challenge. The heart skips a beat when you are traveling through a car or bike because of the steep mountain range.

Chini Village: It is located at a height of 9,200 feet. There are some spectacular and beautiful landscapes. The snowy peaks, lush green valleys, and flowing rivers make you spellbound. There are some beautiful temples and monasteries located at the Kailash ranges.

Reckong Peo:  It is a district headquarter having a myopic glance of Kinner Kailash. There is a 79 ft rock, which is similar to Sivalinga. This Sivalinga mountain changes its color every day. It is visible from the peak of Raldang. There are many Buddhist Monasteries which are located in Reckong Peo.

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