Attractions Of Himachal

March 07,2020

Well, are you planning to head towards the north? Have you thought about Himachal? To your surprise, it is a complete package with lovely scenic beauty and mountains all around. And to your surprise, you will get all those trekking sites there which you are craving for. And let me tell you more about the state. Himachal is the northern state of India that include small towns and resorts, which are surrounded by vast and beautiful mountains. You will also find the Tibetan essence of the city. In brief, the town has all adventure, fun, lovely scenic beauty and Heritage sites in one place. Well, if you want to have time with Dalai Lama and explore Tibetan culture, then come visit the lovely city in North India. Well, if you're going to make your personal plan of your tour, then here is the quick guide that will help you make it more economical and full of fun.


Residing in the hills of Himachal Pradesh, Mcleodganj is known for its rich sites and culture. Tourists will find both comfortable and economical restaurants here. Moreover, you will also get rich genre restaurants here. Foreign tourists also visit the city. The place is mostly visited in the summer season; the reason is its attractive snowfall. Trekkers, to come to visit the site because of its established trekking zones. The city has the British influence too, which is seen in the local streets and areas. Some of the buildings, too, are constructed in the British style. So you will get to explore the Indian beauty in the English style. And the most exciting part of the place Is the paragliding sites. All adventurous tourists come to the area for having fun and excitement.


It is another place that you can have a tour to while visiting Himachal Pradesh. You will love the lively hill sites all around. Visitors come to relax and have chilling time at the place. Tourists will get comfortable resorts to give you a luxurious stay amidst the valley. Along with this, you will

also find the delicious cuisine to enjoy at the place. You will get to taste some fantastic and different dishes in the city. The other thing that the foreign tourists love to explore in the city is Indian art and the street shops. They get some extraordinary Himachali design textiles in the town.

Dalhousie Tour:

If you are visiting Himachal Pradesh, then don't miss visiting Dalhousie. This is a tinny town that is visited by tourists in every season. You will experience immense peace in the laps of nature in the city. You will enjoy the picturesque landscape of the city. The spectacular view around attracts the visitor to have a weekend stay at the place. You will also find the proper Himachal cuisine in the city. The building has the Scottish architecture that depicts the British colonial.view.

Have A Stay In The Spiti Valley:

This is another best place to visit in the Himachal region. The site again has the beautiful scenic beauty with immense peace. The mountains look even more amazing when they are snow-covered. This is a reason people come to visit the valley leaving their noisy and polluted towns. The city, too, has foreign visitors.

The valley has an altitude of twelve thousand feet above the seabed. The place has cold temperatures; the valley is covered by the thick layer of snow, cutting the road connectivity to the site. Well, if you want to have a fantastic time in the snow then, you can visit the place in the summer season. Visitors can also enjoy the trekking zones in the area. Kaza is the base camp, where trekkers start their journey. The trekking sites from the Dhaka monastery will give you an ultimate view of the valley. The city also has lakes to have the fun of.

Kasol Valley:

This is another place that you can visit while having a tour of Himachal Pradesh. Kasol is the small village amidst lovely scenic beauty. The site is a favorite tourist attraction and is located near the banks of the Parvati river. The place is gaining popularity because of its trekking zone and natural beauty. The place is peaceful away from the noisy culture of the big cities. Visitors come to the city to have a pleasant stay in the laps of nature. The place also has the famous Manikaran gurdwara that has the hot spring lake. People all around the country come to visit the place. So pack your bags, to enjoy the gushing waterfalls and treks of Sar Pass and kheerganga.

Come to Himachal To Enjoy The Lovely cuisine.

If you are a food person, then you must try the delicious recipe of north Indian state, Himachal Pradesh. Here is the list of the dishes that are famous in the state.


Madra is the famous dish of Chamba. The soak chickpeas and vegetables prepare the dish. Moreover, the recipe is prepared in the oil and spices like cumin and cinnamon seeds. The recipe is enhanced by the turmeric powder, coriander powder, and the lotus stems. Tou will find the recipe more amazing with the lotus stem cooked in give her garlic paste. The dish represents the culture of the state. You will fond the dish in every restaurant and every special occasion in every household of the city. The dish has a deadly mixture of Himachal spices.

Tudkiya Bath Dish:

This is another fantastic Himachali dish. It is the Himachali pulao dish. The uniqueness lies in fact; the dish is prepared by the Himachal people to own style. The recipe also has the co.bination of potatoes, onions, and yogurt in it. I'm sure you will love the dish and will ask for it again and again. You can also enjoy the meal with the mashed dal. Well, make a plan to tour this north Indian state, as it is a complete package of fun adventure and lovely scenic beauty.

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